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23 February 2015


Posted in Asphalt & Paving

Building on the success of the 2013 School Series, Astec Australia extended an invitation to its valued asphalt customers to interact and learn from industry experts from the United States in the 2014 Customer School Series.
Astec’s customers responded and the two, two-day schools were quickly filled with asphalt plant operators and production managers from across Australia and New Zealand. Adapting to an increasingly competitive and demanding climate creates the need to make the most of every aspect of an asphalt plant’s production. From stockpiles to load outs, the little things really add up. The Customer Schools provide the opportunity to see how money can be saved to create a more profitable operation. This year’s schools had a focus on energy efficiency measures and also on asphalt plant control systems, with a live asphalt plant control system in use during sessions. Technical experts delivering the training for 2014 in Australia were Thermal Systems Director, Kevin Risley and Senior Controls Service Manager, Michael Holbrook. Collectively, they have over 30 years
experience working at Astec Industries, and a total of over 45 years of experience in project management, product engineering, field engineering and trouble-shooting. Kevin and Michael have gained significant experience in asphalt plant optimisation through monitoring, analysis, evaluation of plant systems, processes and equipment. They were joined by the Astec Australia Technical team to provide discussion on topics relevant to asphalt production for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Over the two-day course, the curriculum included key topics such as V Flight Systems, Warm Mix Technology, Asphalt Plant Calibration
Processes, Maximising Recycling, Plant Maintenance, Cause and Solutions for Segregation and Silos – Surge and Storage. Conducting these schools at Astec Australia’s head office in Brisbane also provided the opportunity for attendees to participate in a full site inspection of the company’s facilities, as well as have hands-on exposure to Astec equipment, machinery and displays. One of the little things that sets the Astec Customer Schools apart is that when not in session, Astec engineers, service managers and technicians, and the instructors are available to discuss topics that an attendee may have relating to overall plant management, maintenance and production of a high quality asphalt mix. The success of the 2014 Astec School Series and the positive feedback obtained will ensure the 2015 schools will provide a continued high level of information exchange with our customers.

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